Technology and Its Role in Our Safety

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In this episode of the Weekly Docket, Steve Zappala delves into the issue of technology and its role in our safety. Steve is joined by David Hickton, former U.S. Attorney and founding director of the University of Pittsburgh Institute for Cyber Law, Policy, and Security.

Together, they discuss the way technology influences safety and security in the community, and cover topics ranging from cybercrime threats and rampant identity theft to cyberbullying.

But, as Zappala and Hickton point out, technology is not all bad. It has allowed Amber Alerts to bring successful resolutions to cases of missing children and helped us locate dangerous criminals.

But even when technology is being used for good it needs to be monitored and the equilibrium between security and privacy must always be maintained.

The goal is to work with the community to help ensure technology is always being used to increase security without posing a threat to a citizens’ rights to privacy.

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