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"I believe that our justice system has the power to keep our county safe and to make it a stronger, fairer, more accountable, and more equitable community."
Steve Zappala
Allegheny County District Attorney​

Our Priorities

Keeping Allegheny County SAFE

As District Attorney, my primary job is to ensure the safety of each of Allegheny County's 1.2 million residents.

Protecting the Most Vulnerable

We need to protect all of our neighbors - especially our children, seniors, victims of domestic abuse, members of minority groups, and even our four-legged friends.


The goal of our criminal justice system shouldn't be to lock people up and throw away the key - it should be to guarantee public safety.

We use warrant offices, diversionary programs, treatments and support systems, and contemporary technologies to ensure anyone who enters our justice systems returns to their communities as a healthy, productive member of society.

Safeguarding Our Civil Rights

We must fight to protect and promote the civil rights of all Allegheny County Residents.

Now, more than ever, we need to make sure that our police officers have the training and resources needed to do their job safely and fairly and hold them accountable to the public.